About Cuccia's

Our Family, Cuccia’s (Coo-cha)

Our grandparents John and Ann Cuccia were Sicilian.

We have reproduced some of grandma’s recipes and have kept her cooking style of using fresh herbs, olive oil and of course garlic in the rest of the menu.


We make our pizza dough fresh daily, using an original “Crisceto” (sourdough starter).


The culture comes from a bakery that has been producing sourdough for over two hundred years on the Italian island of Ischia.


The Freshest Ingredients

We strive to use the freshest ingredients available to us. We use only olive oil to grill and sauté, nothing is deep fried.


We have worked to build up a varied wine list, featuring wines from all over the world.


Buon appetito, and thank you for dinning with us.


Gina, Lila and our great crew.

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