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Ringing in the New Year

Sunday, January 11, 2015

So 2014 went out with a bang and we enjoyed one of our busiest seasons yet. It was a pleasure serving our guests and being designated by so many as their social “hang out” for good food, good wine and most of all, good company.

Cuccia's Crew

My daughter, and Executive Chef Lila Prince, did an amazing job with constant delivery of her great Italian innovations and traditional cuisine. The reviews raved from our diners and even a food critic or two. Along with Lila’s equally talented kitchen crew, they dished up some tasty faire and made dining at Cuccias a very pleasurable experience.

And then there’s my crew. A team of young, enthusiastic, dedicated people that “bring it”, each and every night to the table. It is a rarity in the food business to be fortunate enough to have such a well-oiled team. But, I’ve got one. Years of cultivating this team have really enhanced the overall dining experience and am I truly blessed to have such a high performing team.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Nathan, Lauren, Natalie, Adrienne, Kai, Nick, Tessa, Lizzy, Patrick S, Davison, Dillon, Lana, Keeler, Montana, Matt, Cody Patrick R, Carrie and Brenna. I simply could not do this without you all of you!

To Lila, my loving daughter, you have exceeded my expectations as a chef and business partner. Your signature touch and high standards have help to make Cuccias what it is today.

Terry, thank you for your support, love and innovation as a restaurateur. It truly keeps me going.

And to all of the guests who dined at Cuccias, you are part of the extended Cuccias family. I appreciate everyone who spent an evening dining at “our” table and look forward to another season of serving you.

So here’s to the New Year, and as spring quickly approaches we will soon be open for another delicious season of home-style Italian food made from love and in family tradition.


Gina Prince


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